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Hello! I'm Michelle


Michelle Welker, President & Founder of MCEW, LLC and has over a decade of working with consumer’s credit disclosures as the past President and Paralegal for Fortress Credit Pro from 2008-2019.  Starting in sales and customer service as a small company, she quickly niched herself with her paralegal background, bankruptcy law office experience and fit into the groove with FCRA, FDCPA and CROA.


Michelle Welker

Credit Expert Witness








I have worked with consumers on improving their credit since 2008 with Fortress Credit Pro as the President & co-owner.  Over the past decade, I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of consumer credit reports looking for errors in reporting and counseling clients to improve their credit scores with practical advice.  This includes basic education on obtaining secured and unsecured credit cards, paying down / paying off debt, offering advice on starting their own business and when to invest their hard-earned money.


Before Fortress, I was a paralegal for a bankruptcy firm.  I was the primary paralegal for an associate attorney and did corporate leases for a partner at a firm in Colorado.  I would see clients credit reports at filing and felt powerless that the attorneys advised clients to just stop paying their bills before filing.  The education on credit for attorneys is strikingly non-existent and I watched clients come out on the other side with no debt and a terrible credit score and have to wait years for the damage to drop off.


With entrepreneurial yearnings, I went into real estate and spent a dozen years helping clients obtain their very own American Dream.  I was helping so many clients, I decided to open my own brokerage just a few years before the bubble burst in 2007/2008.  I then had to reinvent myself again with the changes in the market and help so many out of the houses they had just obtained a few years prior.  Short sales & a boom in rentals soon took priority and the need for credit repair was abound.


While I continued real estate for another few years, I could really see the writing on the wall with where the economy was headed and realized that helping consumers get back on track would be the number one priority.

Public Speaking:


In 2013, I immersed myself into a weeklong public speaker training that is known worldwide.  I took on this new skill for another business that I had started called Princess With a Gun which was a boutique business of teaching concealed carry classes at a 1:1 or 1:2 basis for domestic abuse survivors, women & the wealthy that wanted anonymity in Northern Nevada / California.


In 2018, I co-authored a consumer book on credit called Give Yourself Some Credit and can now be purchased on Amazon!  Simply follow this link - and don't forget to purchase through your smile account!




FICO Certified



Few Expert Witnesses are more in demand and less in supply than the true credit expert witness.  

I have over a decade of reviewing credit reports, helping improve scores and educating consumers about scoring models and practical tips & tricks for improving their own credit.


Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) lawsuits include allegations of incorrect credit reporting, credit damages, impermissible access of reports and the failure to ensure the maximum possible accuracy of the report.  I can easily find these errors and accurately disseminate that information.


The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 200 amended the federal consumer protection statute to the FCRA.

I understand these amendments were significant and the non-compliance with FACTA lawsuits.

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